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Let me teach you how to not be the best kept secret!
Susan D.
“It may seem impossible, but believe me, it’s not! Step by step, he taught me everything that I could never learn in any marketing school.  Right now, my company generates over $200,000 a year.  All thanks to TL".
Micheal Ford
"Before meeting TL Holmes, I didn’t even dream I could build my own brand and find my niche.  His tactics are bulletproof, and he’s definitely the best teacher I have ever come across.  He could turn you into a household name!"
Hundreds of people are already
benefiting from discovering their brand and how to impact their niche.
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How to unlock the power of your brand!
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And of course, my own secrets
that took me years to learn.
  • Fundamentals of building a brand
  • Setting up the right message for your brand
  • The 4 Essential Ingredients of a Killer Brand
I did it, so can you! I’ll teach you:
Who is TL Holmes?
TL Holmes has more than 20 years experience in the entertainment industry which includes producing music videos, live DVD recordings, reality show pilots, etc. and operated a full-service marketing firm specializing in brand development through grassroots and commercial mass-marketing for the past 15 years in New York.  His deep knowledge of digital marketing reaches back to the earliest days of the Internet, when he was immersed in developing then-revolutionary modes of digital promotion for recording artists and major record labels.

He has also produced/directed prominent music videos and co-produced major live music events and when his business grew to the point where he could take no further clients, Holmes migrated it to Anexus Media Group in order to make the proven digital marketing tools he and his team had for years been using so successfully with their own clients, available to other entrepreneurs, while also sharing his expertise and training techniques.
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